Dr. Marri Rawlin suspected nothing when she was called to Colony Twelve to handle a small radiation infestation. The construction was just beginning, and she and the other members of the science team objected when the Institute sent a Receiver to investigate further. Receivers were an elusive and mysterious group of men and women who were said to be able to detect radiation through their skin, though few believed it. They were feared as mutants, and Marri didn't want to frighten the laborers or scare off potential colonists.


But when the Receiver arrived, Marri found herself immediately intrigued. He was strong and handsome, and yet said. And his abilities affected her in a way she never expected. But the more she was drawn to him, the farther away he seemed to get. And they soon discovered that there was more going on than they first thought. Someone was sabotaging the colony, and going out of their way to get rid of the science team. But why? What knowledge was so important that they would kill for it? What was buried under the soil of Colony Twelve?