Kalavit was the chief of his island until bad things started to happen. He was banished and chased across the sea by Sakita, the tiger god, strongest of all the gods. Finally he hid on the island of his betrothed, fearing discovery at any moment. But Sakita still pursued him. Or did he? Sakita was not who he appeared to be, and events were not as they seemed.

Now Kalavit had to unravel the truth about what happened on his island. And more importantly he needed to discover the truth about the gods that he'd been raised to worship.

Kayla Meadows’ life, with a wonderful husband and great career, couldn’t be more perfect. But when a routine flight into Dallas goes horribly wrong, her fate and the fate of the others she meets is left in jeopardy.

Someone has set off an EMP device, shutting down the entire power grid, including communications and all motorized transportation. Chaos has ensued, and now Kayla must confront her deepest fears as she struggles to get home in an increasingly hostile environment. And it’s not only her fears that she must deal with, but the anxieties and doubts of those she suddenly finds herself responsible for.

Written with unbounded intelligence and seen from a uniquely female perspective, this is a novel about pushing the boundaries of fear, adapting to life in an uncertain world, and finding faith in the face of raw ambition and power.

Kayla has never truly been on her own before and now faces a nearly 200 mile trek on foot through what’s quickly becoming hostile territory. Joe and Monica, a couple thrust upon Kayla, don’t want to face up to the new reality. Mike, a teenager who was home alone when the event occurred, is looking for adventure. And Jim and his crew don’t want to rock the boat, even after they become aware of the sinister plot behind the catastrophe.

Young Jolus of Remmon has the gift of sight, though he wants nothing more than to tend his father's farm and raise a family with the girl he loves. But his jealous brother goes out of his way to demean and humiliate Jolus, even marrying his girl.

When the Shillimite Empire threatens Remmon, Jolus' brother lures Jolus into the hills and beats him, leaving him for dead in the path of the invading army.  Jolus is captured and taken into slavery, forced to work in the quarries under cruel and uncaring taskmasters.  They soon discover his gift and force him to use it for profit.

As time goes on, Jolus finds that he can't escape his destiny, though he struggles to accept the path that God is laying out for him. And he soon realizes that he hasn't yet faced his most daunting challenge: that of forgiving the brother that betrayed him.

Arimani never expected anything to disrupt her peaceful life as the future wife of the prefect of Koramar. But when the king of Shillim invaded, she was captured and placed in the king’s harem. It wasn’t long before the king discovered her gift; however, and decided to use it for himself. The only problem was that her former fiancé also wanted to use her gift. Soon Arimani found herself in the middle of a power struggle. She was angry with the Lord God over all that had happened to her, but could she learn to trust Him? Would she trust His plan to save the very king and the country that had hurt her so much?

The war between Minea and Pohattan has dragged on for decades, with each side serving their own god and insisting that the other is wrong. But the Mineans have discovered something that could change the course of history forever. They hatch a plan to kidnap Leath, the enemy commander. Their goal is to reveal this discovery to him and then send him back to Pohattan to spread the news. This should usher in a new era of peace and friendship. The only problem is that Leath is faithful to Jirrah, and he's learned to use the power of the stone of Jirrah for Pohattan. Will he listen to the truth? And will he be willing to abandon all that he's believed since childhood?

Jess Kanickson wanted to be like his father, a fallen war hero who'd died saving others. Jess eagerly enlisted in the Kendran army and was chosen for his first mission based more on his father's reputation than on his own skill. The mission was a failure and Jess was captured. He soon found himself in a labor camp deep in the Mortanian forest. With no hope of rescue, Jess was subjected to abuse and hard labor beyond anything he'd ever experienced. It stretched him to his limits and tested his faith almost to the breaking point.

But it was worse even than that. The ranking prisoner was a collaborator, and his bunkmate was on the verge of a nervous collapse. And, as if it couldn't get any worse, it did. The enemy army seemed to have stumbled upon technology not known by the Kendrans. They were plotting something big, and were forcing Jess and the other prisoners to participate in the downfall of their own country. Would Jess's faith stand the test?

Dr. Marri Rawlin suspected nothing when she was called to Colony Twelve to handle a small radiation infestation. The construction was just beginning, and she and the other members of the science team objected when the Institute sent a Receiver to investigate further. Receivers were an elusive and mysterious group of men and women who were said to be able to detect radiation through their skin, though few believed it. They were feared as mutants, and Marri didn't want to frighten the laborers or scare off potential colonists.

But when the Receiver arrived, Marri found herself immediately intrigued. He was strong and handsome, and yet said. And his abilities affected her in a way she never expected. But the more she was drawn to him, the farther away he seemed to get. And they soon discovered that there was more going on than they first thought. Someone was sabotaging the colony, and going out of their way to get rid of the science team. But why? What knowledge was so important that they would kill for it? What was buried under the soil of Colony Twelve?

It's not just a game anymore...

Kathleen Martin has no idea what she's getting into when she decides to solve the puzzles she finds inside the old piano. But she and her friends soon discover that they're not the only ones looking for the promised reward. Others already know about it and are determined to have it - at any cost.

Soon what begins as a game turns into a deadly race, a race Kathleen is forced to finish before everything she's ever known is destroyed.