Young Jolus of Remmon has the gift of sight, though he wants nothing more than to tend his father's farm and raise a family with the girl he loves. But his jealous brother goes out of his way to demean and humiliate Jolus, even marrying his girl.


When the Shillimite Empire threatens Remmon, Jolus' brother lures Jolus into the hills and beats him, leaving him for dead in the path of the invading army.  Jolus is captured and taken into slavery, forced to work in the quarries under cruel and uncaring taskmasters.  They soon discover his gift and force him to use it for profit.


As time goes on, Jolus finds that he can't escape his destiny, though he struggles to accept the path that God is laying out for him. And he soon realizes that he hasn't yet faced his most daunting challenge: that of forgiving the brother that betrayed him.