Kayla Meadows’ life, with a wonderful husband and great career, couldn’t be more perfect. But when a routine flight into Dallas goes horribly wrong, her fate and the fate of the others she meets is left in jeopardy.


Someone has set off an EMP device, shutting down the entire power grid, including communications and all motorized transportation. Chaos has ensued, and now Kayla must confront her deepest fears as she struggles to get home in an increasingly hostile environment. And it’s not only her fears that she must deal with, but the anxieties and doubts of those she suddenly finds herself responsible for.


Written with unbounded intelligence and seen from a uniquely female perspective, this is a novel about pushing the boundaries of fear, adapting to life in an uncertain world, and finding faith in the face of raw ambition and power.


Kayla has never truly been on her own before and now faces a nearly 200 mile trek on foot through what’s quickly becoming hostile territory. Joe and Monica, a couple thrust upon Kayla, don’t want to face up to the new reality. Mike, a teenager who was home alone when the event occurred, is looking for adventure. And Jim and his crew don’t want to rock the boat, even after they become aware of the sinister plot behind the catastrophe.